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Graeae Theatre Company

Graeae presents

Prometheus Awakes

presented by Graeae
and La Fura dels Baus
co-commissioned by GDIF and SIRF

part of the London 2012 Festival

A 10 metre high puppet manned by 7 people walks through crowds of onlookers
A 10 metre high puppet manned by 7 people walks through crowds of onlookers as fireworks explode in the sky
A large wheel with 3 performers inside move through the crowd
3 women dressed in white suspended infront of a large building


You will feel the earth move and the sky explode as an eight metre high Prometheus rises from the ground and creates fire and humanity in defiance of the God Zeus. Prometheus Awakes, an exhilarating re-interpretation of the legendary Greek myth, premieres against the stunning backdrop of the beautiful seventeenth century Queen’s House in the grounds of the Royal Museums Greenwich, a world heritage site. Prometheus Awakes then moves to the historic town of Stockton, where the story unfolds beside the banks of the River Tees.

Created by Graeae, the boldly inventive disabled-led theatre company, in collaboration with Catalan masters of visual magnificence, La Fura dels Baus, Prometheus Awakes will inspire audiences with extraordinary stagecraft, giant puppets, mass choreography and special effects. Co-directed by Amit Sharma and Pera Tantiñá featuring large-scale digital projections by Simon McKeown, choreography by Darshan Singh Bhuller and original composition by Jules Maxwell, Prometheus Awakes will be the first ever large-scale outdoor theatre production in this country that is led by disabled artists.

Disabled and non- disabled performers recruited from local boroughs and towns will take to the air in this thrilling piece of outdoor theatre as part of the main cast and as volunteers for an audience of thousands.

Prometheus Awakes is part of the London 2012 Festival, a spectacular 12-week nationwide celebration from 21 June and running until 9 September 2012 bringing together leading artists from across the world with the very best from the UK.

Access Information
Prometheus Awakes weaves a story without words using music, puppetry and movement, with audio description provided for blind and partially sighted audience members.  The festival sites have wheelchair access.

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Production Credits

Direction – Amit Sharma and Pera Tantiñá
Original Composition – Jules Maxwell
Digital Projection Design – Simon McKeown
Choreography – Darshan Singh Bhuller
Dramaturgy – Carissa Hope Lynch

Prometheus Awakes is co-commissioned by GDIF and SIRF
Supported by CREATE

GDIF is part of Greenwich Festivals presented by The Royal Borough of Greenwich

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Performance Schedule

22 June 2012 & 2 August 2012

Greenwich+Docklands International Festival  Friday  22 June 2012 Time: 10pm
Royal Museums Greenwich, National Maritime Museum, SE10 9NF

Stockton International Riverside Festival  Thursday 2 August 2012 Time: 10pm
Stockton High Street, Stockton TS18

Prometheus Awakes is a free un-ticketed event.

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Reviews / Feedback

‘There are no limitations here, just glorious liberation, as the performers fly across the sky and the world explodes all around them’ The Guardian

‘A visual feast executed by a daring, creative and enthusiastic cast’ The Stage

‘This is street theatre at its best: epic, emotive and full of surprises’ A Younger Theatre

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Prometheus Awakes

Prometheus Awakes from Graeae on Vimeo.

Prometheus Awakes with Audio Description

Prometheus Awakes - with Audio Description from Graeae on Vimeo.

Prometheus Awakes - Prometheus Awakes Audio Flyer

Download Prometheus Awakes Audio Flyer as an MP3

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